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Enterprise Portals

Content drives traffic, and content managed and presented better retains traffic. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand the way content has to be managed, especially with the growing backdrop of the increasing and more complex nature of information.

NetArchers recognizes the importance of content in the context of B2B solutions, commerce-led solutions and portals that would help achieve your goals and objectives

Portal solutions have their own challenges, key ones being : Content definition, Information architecture, Integration to feeds, Content distributors, Content affiliates, GIS, etc. , Multilingual support, Personalizing content, Intelligent searches, Technical architecture that needs to be designed for scalability, reliability and security

NetArchers has built considerable expertise in building portal solutions with features such as integration with third party services including content feeds, weather feeds, logistics and payment gateways.

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  • Strategy Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Site Development and Deployment
  • Audience Development


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