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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting | Domain Registration
  • What is hosting and how much do I have to pay?
  • What are the steps involved in web hosting?
  • How to Host a website?
  • How to Login to upload my site ?
  • Where can I find FTP details to upload my site?
  • What is the path for CGI FILES?
  • What is the path and version of the perl interpreter that you run?
  • Whether hosting is on NT or on Linux?
  • Is my database space a part of the overall space that I purchase?
  • Do let me know guaranteed uptime of your server?
  • Do you offer telnet service?
  • How can I increase my webspace?
  • What about access logs?
  • Can I maintain my own site once you have configured it?
  • What servers do you host? Where are your servers hosted?
  • What about Web designing? When I am taking space from you is it mandatory or optional to get web designing done from you?
  • What to do if you have registered your domain name elsewhere and want to host site on our server?

  • What is hosting and how much do I have to pay?
    Hosting is provision of webserver space to setup your website - to make your site available to others. Hosting services can setup and maintain more than just web sites; they can also support a company's e-mail, databases, and even end-to-end payment processing systems. By outsourcing these applications, you get all of the benefits of the provider's high-speed backbone connection, 24/7 operations personnel, facilities, and emergency power without the enormous capital investment.

    Packages for hosting services vary and depend on server specs, features and amount of webserver space.


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